OOPS: Object Oriented Painting Show
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I spend one part of my life painting objects in the studio, while in my other life, I draw them on Object-Oriented diagrams – pictures that describe a system’s objects so that they can be simulated on the computer. What if I mixed things up, replacing the object icons in the diagram with iconic objects from the studio? That is the question that I have been exploring over the last year in OOPS.

Each OOPS painting is based on one of six standard Object Oriented (and related) diagrams. Object Oriented (OO) is a new branch of computer science that applies theories about how we conceptualize objects in the real world to the design of complex computer systems. It is a visual approach that I have used on a wide range of systems, such as a conflict resolution system for the Community Peace Program in Zweletemba, South Africa. Normally, I use standardized symbols - or icons – to represent objects of significance to a system. In the paintings, I have instead used objects that have personal meaning for me– a kippa (religious head covering), computer components, Digestive biscuits, kitchen items – mundane but significant objects found in my studio. The result is OOPS - an amalgam of my two lives, still life paintings constructed like Object-Oriented diagrams, narratives written in a visual language borrowed from the software world.

Howard Podeswa
Aug. 31,2004