Chatter Artist Statement

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Chatter draws from the tech-side of my life - particularly some software I wrote in my programming days, related to electronic messaging and image recognition. One such program was a communications system that broke up electronic messages into small packets and reassembled them on a remote computer. Another program was able to recognize a pixilated image of a bacterial sample fed to it by a video camera. These programs forced me to think about perception and the strategies we use to decipher the cacophony of binary impulses, the chatter, we get from the senses. The paintings in this series came out of these thoughts. In a manner analogous to the computer – or the human mind it was modeled on – they use small packets of visual information taken from direct observation, but “some assembly is required.”

In the series, I have broken up two locations in the into small “bytes” of visual information and put them back together, scrambled, on a white wall or canvas. The Christie Pits series, One-A-Day, consists of 47 small oil studies painted on-site and installed on a wall. The Kensington Market paintings are composed of small fragments of observation, painted directly on the canvas.
- Howard Podeswa, April, 2003

"Chatter" is dedicated to my grandmother, Polly Gould, whose favourite crossword, the "Diagramless", was an early inspiration for the series.