Sole of a Shoe: Three Generations of Painting
Chaim Pincas Podeszwa, Yidel Podeswa,
Howard Podeswa


Historical Works Room   Trip to Poland Room   Still Life Room   Portraits Room


Sole of a Shoe represents a retrospective dialogue between three generations of artists: grandfather, father and son, painting before, during and after World War II in Ivansk and Lodz (Poland), Kaufering concentration and refugee camps (Germany), and Toronto. A special weight is given to the act of painting, its history and its language.

Chaim Pinchas Podeszwa, the head of a family of fine-art painters, is represented in this show by his pre-war, folk paintings. Yidel Podeswa's works are represented by a series of miniature scenes of his wartime experiences painted during and immediately following the war. The few surviving works of this series will be exhibited for the first time along with his contemporary work in Still Life and portraiture. Howard Podeswa's body of work is based on his recent trip to Poland and follows a chronology of snapshots taken by a Canadian-Polish friend, Michal Duma, as Howard searched for his father and uncle's painting studio in Lodz and the former family home in Ivansk.